Chief Idiot โ€ข UI / UX / Development โ€ข 2018

Wait, what?

Jeff Goldblum photos had started making their way into our shared design files, in lieu of some actual content. Pure placeholder stuff. They tell designers never to do these kinds of things, but hey, the real world happens. To continue the joke, I figured we needed some Goldblum quotes to go with it. To my amazement, no quote generator existed for Jeff. I was as shocked as you are now. Clearly, there was only one alternative, make one myself. And so Jeffsum was born. All your favourite quotes in one handy place.

What started as a silly inside joke quickly escalated on Twitter...

Life finds a way

Two years later and the site still has thousands of visits each week.

What's the take away here? People need to go outside more. Myself included. In actuality, it's been fun to brighten people's day. Send me over your favourite quote.

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