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Creator • UI / UX / Development • 2020

Changing tools

In 2019 Help Scout moved from Sketch to Figma. I could write a Medium post (or seven) on these two tools' advantages and disadvantages. One place where Figma shines, however, is its plugins. Easy to find and install, but also easy to create. I've written several since the plugin store launched within Figma last year. Some are internal, centered around Help Scouts design system, HSDS, and some are used by thousands of designers worldwide.

Wire Box

With the increase of design systems its become easier and easier to work in hi-fi designs quickly and easily. Sometimes, however, you need to step back into lo-fi wireframes.

Wire Box lets you convert your designs back to to wires with one click, helping you and your team mates focus on the UX rather than the UI. Comes in nasty pink to make sure that happens.

Cover Status

This plugins was designed to bring some order to chaos.

Cover Status helps organize all your Figma designs in the file browser view. Each category is colour coded, helping you keep track of whats happening at a glance. Especially useful for keeping an eye on what's happening with a large team.


Talk to your teammates directly inside a Figma frame. There’s no third-party servers or setup required, simply select the frame you want to comment on and chat away. Figchat renders all your comments as items within Figma itself.

Figma already has a commenting system, but Figchat was created for those situtations where you need the designs and the conversation working in tangent with one another.

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