Creator • UI / UX / Development • 2020

The problem

Working for a company that specializes in customer service software, you come to recognize the digital eco-system that exists around it. Is a customer having an issue with your site? Help them troubleshoot by getting their device details. Browsing through these troubleshooting tools, however, it seemed like most were created out of necessity. They had a purely functional approach to the problem.

☝️  Browso in all its retro glory

Something different

Browso is my take on that experience. Why does it need to be boring? There's plenty of room for fun and personality. Browso presents your device details in a slightly different way... a time warp to earlier this century. It hooks into Help Scouts Beacon for extra context and further self-service, all designed to make life a little easier for customer service professionals.

Most importantly, it's a fun distraction during our hectic days. Let me know if you're able to beat Browso Ball.

☝️  Selection of Browsos themes. I'm partial to an Alpine Night myself
☝️  Some of the building blocks that went into creating Browso
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