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I’m Seán, a Product Designer working remotely for Help Scout on their mobile products in sunny Dublin, Ireland.

I’ve spent the past 12+ years working across different areas of digital design; front-end development, email design, marketing site pages, app UI/UX, to my current role designing products for mobile platforms.

These days my time is spent researching, designing, prototyping, and coding. I also help designers get started with their careers.

Out of the office you’ll find me dreaming of soccer, playing bass guitar, and petting all the good dogs.

A brief history

Cubic Telecom Designer / Developer
Dotfusion Designer / Developer
Freelance Design Consultant
Help Scout Product Designer
15 ~

Currently reading

Hokusai Prints & Drawings
Hokusai Prints & Drawings Matthi Forrer
Hand Drawn Maps
Hand Drawn Maps Helen Cann
The Dublin Artbook
The Dublin Artbook Edited by Emma Bennett
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